Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t the water too dirty?

No. The water quality is good enough to have a swimming license. Our instructor, Kev Brady, swam along the river and through the docks and he was fine.

What if I’ve never paddled before?

Our lessons are designed for the absolute beginner. It’s easier than you think!

What if I fall in?

Splish-splash followed by a cheer. The water quality is fine and if it’s cold, you’ll be wearing a wetauit to ensure you’re comfortable. Once you’ve fallen in, you’ll then have less fear of falling off again and be able to challenge yourself to get more out of the lesson. Your leg will be attached to your board with a leash and they’re very stable to climb back aboard.

Will I get wet?

If you fall in, YES! If you don’t, slightly. It is likely your feet, and hands will get wet due to splashing.

What shall I wear?

There is always a chance you may fall in, so quick drying clothes are best – NO COTTON.
We recommend bare feet if the temperature is warm enough.
We have optional wetsuits.

What shall I bring?

Change of clothes
Sense of adventure

What if it rains?

Then we’ll get a bit wet. The only weather we won’t go out in is high winds. Once the wind speed starts getting about 15mph paddling becomes tricky.

What if I can't swim?

All paddlers must wear a buoyancy aid and we have a policy that you must be able to swim 25m. If you’d still like to have go but cannot swim, please get in contact and we’ll try to arrange some extra supervision.

Are there any changing rooms?

We currently don’t have any changing rooms at our Gloucester Docks location. Our Lower Lode location has campsite toilets and shower room to use.

What's the minimum age?

Generally, if you’re big enough you’re old enough. But we don’t recommend paddlers under the age of 8.

Cancellation policy?

If you cancel over 48 hours in advance, we will credit you to paddle on another day or refund 50%.
If you cancel 7 days in advance we will give you a full refund.